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How do I determine my age group?
o Age is based on month and year of birth which is then referenced in the Little League age chart.
Little League age chart rolls over each year on September 1st.  The age chart is posted on our website, and you can use the Little League Age Calculator at

What are the boundaries and why do we have them?
o The boundaries are set by Little League International.  Boundaries are meant to evolve with each community in an effort to keep playing conditions as fair as possible within the community.
o Boundaries are only for ages 7-12 where you will register with Eastern, Mid City, Northern or Tower Little Leagues in the spring season only.
o T-Ball and the Int/Jr/Sr divisions do not adhere to these boundaries.

What season(s) do we host?
o We host two seasons per calendar year.
Spring season starts registration in December with games starting in Feb, March or April depending on age group and ending by Memorial Day weekend.
Fall season starts registration during the summer with games starting mid-September and ending around the end of October.

What days are games played?
o All age groups are scheduled to play Monday through Thursday during the week.  On occasion we will have to schedule Friday or weekend games depending on the final team count and available fields.

What ages play t-ball?
o Ages 4-6.
Does t-ball register by the Little League boundaries?
o No.  T-ball is a city-wide format and not subject to league boundaries.
May we register a t-ball team?
o Yes you may bring a team.  We allow for each coach to submit a roster request.  The rosters are fulfilled as long as the player’s requested fit within the age group requirements.
Can I coach?
o Yes.  Our organization is operated 100% by volunteers.  All coaching volunteers are required to submit for a background check (paid for by the league).
When and where will we practice?
o Practices are at the discretion of each coach (another reason to be a coach).  Practices can be held at any city park location which are typically on a first come first serve basis.
When and where will games be played?
o Games are scheduled during the week, Monday through Thursday.  All games are held at either Butler Park or Reyes - Mashburn - Nelms Park.  Park assignments are decided once we have a final team count.

Little League
What ages play Little League?
o Ages 7-12.
Why do I have to register at a different place from t-ball?
o Little League has set boundaries for four individual leagues within Midland.  These leagues operate under the MJBA umbrella however each league is recognized by Little League International as it’s own league.
What are the separate divisions for?
o Coach pitch is mostly ages 7-8.
o Texas League is mostly age 9 with some 8 and 10.  This is first year kid pitch.
o American League is mostly age 10-11 with some 9 and 12.
o National League is mostly age 11-12 with an occasional age 10.
Which league will my child play in?
o Each player is required to attend an evaluation.  These evaluations are held in late January to early February.  The evaluation is fairly quick however it allows the coaches to see your player’s skillset.  After the evaluation period is over, the coaches will draft teams.
Does my player have to be drafted?
o Yes.  All players are required to be drafted per Little League rules.  This is done to make each division as equal and competitive with each other as possible.

Intermediate/Junior/Senior League
What ages play these divisions?
o Ages 13-16.
What are the separate divisions for?
o Intermediate division commonly is for age 13 where we utilize a slightly larger field, base path and pitching mound distance when compared to the Little League fields for ages 7-12.
o Junior/Senior division is for ages 14-16 where the fields are the largest dimensions available in baseball and are meant to prepare the players for high school baseball.
Can we wear metal cleats?
o Yes for all players age 13 and over unless you are playing on turf fields then you must wear rubber/molded shoes only.


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